SmartBlocks Review: AI-Powered Website and App Creation Platform


  • AI Assistant: SmartBlocks offers an AI assistant to guide you through the website and app creation process. You can ask questions, get suggestions, and even have the AI complete certain tasks like content generation.
  • Content and Graphics Generation: This platform boasts AI-powered content and graphic generation. You can input keywords or choose from templates to have the AI populate your website/app with relevant text, images, and videos.
  • Ease of Use: SmartBlocks emphasizes ease of use. You can create projects from scratch with keywords, utilize pre-designed templates, or leverage the AI assistant for a guided experience.


  • Beginner-friendly: The drag-and-drop interface and AI assistance make SmartBlocks accessible to individuals with no prior coding or design experience.
  • Time-saving: AI-generated content and graphics can significantly reduce design and development time, allowing for faster project completion.
  • Cost-effective: The base price of $47 for basic features is cheaper than hiring a web developer or designer.


  • Customization limitations: While customizable, SmartBlocks may offer less creative control compared to traditional design and development methods. AI-generated content might require editing to achieve the desired tone and style.
  • Limited functionalities: The base version might lack advanced features like custom code integration or e-commerce functionality.

Pricing and Upsells:

  • SmartBlocks Commercial ($47): Includes basic website and app creation functionalities, AI assistance, and limited content and graphic generation.
  • SmartBloks Ultimate ($97/year): Adds premium templates, priority support, unlimited projects, advanced SEO features, and removes branding from generated content.
  • SmartBloks Professional ($67): Offers features similar to Ultimate, excluding priority support and with a one-year limit on projects.
  • SmartBloks Enterprise ($59): Similar to Professional, but allows for team collaboration and white-labeling (excluding branding from exported projects).
  • SmartBloks Whitelabel ($297/year): Grants full white-labeling rights and rebranding options for agencies and resellers.
  • SmartBloks DFY ($197): Provides done-for-you services, where the SmartBlocks team creates your website/app based on your specifications.


SmartBlocks is a suitable choice for individuals or businesses seeking a quick and easy solution for creating basic websites and apps, especially if they lack design or coding experience. However, those requiring extensive customization or complex functionalities might find their options limited. Carefully consider your specific needs and budget before purchasing, and be aware of the upsell structure and potential limitations of the platform.

It’s crucial to supplement this information with further research, including independent user reviews and comparisons with alternative website and app creation platforms, to ensure SmartBlocks aligns with your specific needs and expectations.


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